Arbor Day

Arbor Day & Plantings

The club financially supports installation of trees for beautification of public property. Each year for the Janie Dent Memorial Arbor Day project, the club donates $500 for a tree to be planted on public property.

Project involves community service, coordination with other organizations, civic beautification, horticulture, environmental conservation and landscape design.

Arbor Day Foundation


Birds, Bees and Butterflies

The Birds, Bees and Butterflies Committee members learn about how these pollinators help us with our gardens and how we can help them thrive in our gardens. This information is then presented to the club members in an easily digestible form in either the eBlast or as a short presentation to members at the beginning of the meeting. This committee is also involved with the support of Wildlife Habitats in our yards and promotes the protection and conservation of natural resources, horticulture, wildflowers and native landscape design as it applies to helping the birds, bees, and butterflies in our landscapes.

Certify your backyard as a wildlife habitat.

Litter Control

Environmental Education, Conservation and Litter Control

Throughout the garden club year, our members receive information about stewardship of the environment via our monthly newsletter, at monthly program presentations from guest speakers, and club presentations, videos, and written material. Every year, we participate in the Five Star Honor Club of the Garden Club of South Carolina by giving $40 annually for Camp Wildwood, a leadership and environmental camp for high school students.

Project involves environmental education, protection and conservation of natural resources, and promotes the health of our natural environment.